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Levitating Globe Lamp

christmas story leg lamp

A Christmas Story Deluxe Full Size 50" Leg Lamp

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Truly a Major Reward. All of the splendid detail is here, including the butt cheek. Boy o boy will Dad be proud of this beaut.

vgazer levitating lamp

Magnetic Levitating Wireless Bulb Lamp

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The Flyte is a wirelessly-powered light that floats in the air as if by magic. In reality, however, this is due to magnetic levitation. The magnetic levitating bulb, Floating and Spinning in the air Freely, no need cables, batteries, it is ALIVE.

flying disco balls

Flying Disco Balls

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Come to your senses people! We are living in the future! Some of the things that are made these days are absolutely unbelievable. This is one of them. It's crazy how inexpensive they are too.

Magic Finger Light

Trick your friends! Impress some girls! Destroy your enemies! Phone Home in a snap with these rubber finger lamps. Check it out here

long distance touch lamp

Long Distance Touch Lamp

Buy one light for you, and one for each member of your family. Touch your light and your family's lights will glow with yours! Buy one light for you, and one for each member of your family. Touch your light and your family's lights will glow with yours!

alexa enabled lamp

Alexa-enabled Lamp C by GE

Have you always had the unwilling desire to talk to your lamp? This Smart Lighting is for those who REALLY REALLY love lamp. Featuring the functionality of a standalone Alexa device, C by GE Sol with Amazon Alexa is wifi connected and allows you to use your voice to control lighting features, set timers, check the weather, tell time, and play music from your Alexa enabled music library.

bike lamp

Heart-shaped Bike Lamp

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Show everyone you love to hang-out and go biking at the same time. Cool and creative love heart design,very attractive Brand new and high quality waterproof Silicone safety to your healthy. Also available in blue balls.

Philips Hue Bloom Smart Lamp

Hue Bloom Smart Lamp

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Turn your kitchen room into a night club. Great for parents. Enjoy your own personal light show at home, capable of millions of colors and shades of white light, able to sync to your favorite music, movies, and games for an enhanced experience. Works with Amazon Alexa.

black pipe man spicket lamp

Industrial Pipe Man Lamp

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We were watching some Fantasy 80's movies, and the TV just started spitting these guys out. Once they stopped moving, we decided to sell them.


DIY Guy Black pipe Lamp

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You can buy this and tell people you made it. Vintage industrial lighting, metal made, concise style. The spicket actually functions as a switch!

video game shadow box

Retro Game Shadow Boxes

These are awesome. We almost love these as much as lamp. Any avaialable are handmade. Check out the Ms. Pacman Shadowbox


Comic Lamp

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Boom! Pow! Lamp! Brings some much needed action to your bedroom. All shades printed and made in USA. State-of-the-art translucent shade material with non-fade inks.


Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl Lamp

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Some may claim that this serves medicinal purposes. It is a lamp. 100% ALL-NATURAL HANDCRAFTED: Himalayan Salt mined from natural sources. Each fire bowl-shaped salt lamp comes with natural hand-carved Himalayan Salt chunks. Each lamp is unique you will receive one similar to image shown. Includes authentic certified pamphlet.


Deadpool Night Lamp

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Use your tiny hand to plug it in. There's always a good place for a night light in your home to ensure that you and your family can move around safely at night, especially while Deadpool is watching.


Tomons Wood Swing Arm Desk Lamp

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A really well made product. The body is made of solid wood, firm and chemical-free. The cable is covered with nylon, stronger and more flexible.


Mango Wood Disc Lamp

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Made from hand-carved mango wood discs. Sweet. Accented with iron spaces to provide the classiest look for the classiest person. Get out there and grab one of these bad boys now!


Philips Go Smart Lamp

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For the raver on the go. It's pretty sick. Carry your own personal light show, capable of millions of colors and shades of white light, able to sync to your favorite music, movies, and games for an enhanced experience.


Smart Bulb

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Use this to turn your stupid lamp into a smart one. No hubs needed. Wirelessly control a single bulb or bulb group via App, a lot of bulb groups can be created , each group up to 5 bulbs. Together with four special effects, please enjoy color and embrace fun.


Gold AK-47 Lamp

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For the inner gangster inside all of us. If you ever wanted a gilded Gold gun that cast light on your reading material, you're in luck The base of the artemis table lamp is poly-resin painted in a Glossy Gold finish and the shade is black fabric

huge cat mask

Gigantic Cat Mask

Comfortable, light, and a great way to creep everyone out at the office halloween party. Check out the Gigantic Cat Mask on Amazon


Mushroom Lamp

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When your hobbit hut is lacking that last finishing touch. Ultra-low power consumption and very long life-span. Ideal for home, bars, cafes, restaurants ,wedding, party and other romantic place


Three Sheep Lamp

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Why have just a couple of things, when you can have everything and a lamp? Wake up light music player, pre-record 5 patent soothing music for relaxation and sleeping. Wake up light alarm clock, lighting up gradually 30 minutes before your alarm time from 1% to 100%, simulate the sunrise effect.

himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Things looking a little dark during tequila night? When lit emits a soft amber glow, releases negative ions into the air, creating an effect similar to an ionizer, purifying the surrounding air.


Willow Vine Lamp

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Includes 144 lights to transform your house into a fairy kingdom. 8 feet long, so it fits well in any corner of the room. Does your crappy apartment need a pick-me-up? You'll be looking classy in no-time with this sucker.


Sassy Lamp

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Snap your fingers in a Z pattern audio switch sold separately. So much sass. So much lamp. This lamp is somehow categorized as modern, rustic, and contemporary. Perfect to sit next to while "Telling someone off".


Ceiling Lamp with Leaf Fan

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Some ingrates refer to these as 'Ceiling Fans', and don't call them lamps. Ha! Fools! The fan blades are hand-carved from real life tree wood from planet earth. The blades look like leaves which is cool, but we are more curious as to what they look like while spinning.

rasberry pie original nintendo case

NES Rasberry Pie Case

You can purchase other tiny things, gradually replacing everything in the house...Until your spouse loses their mind. Check it out on Amazon

millineum falcon

Millenium Falcon Lamp

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Can make your room look cool in less than 12 parsecs. Keep away from Jawas. Everyone, especially STAR WARS FANS loves to have this 3D Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lamp! The lamp is a GREAT BIRTHDAY GIFT item for men, women, boys, girls, kids, star wars fans of all ages.

rick and morty portal gun

Portal Gun Lamp

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Blast your poor lighting into another dimension with this hand-held lamp. Wubba lubba dub dub! Finally, you can travel between galaxies! Pull the trigger and watch this toy gun emit a variety of lights and noises. This full-size roleplay Rick and Morty Portal Gun

disco lights amazon

Modern Disco Lamp

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Well you can tell by the way I walk that I'm Lampin' Fan. DISCO BALL with 7 Colors! Easy to choose solid colors or multi-colored by the sensitivity REMOTE. Fully adjustable motion speed.

candle lamp

Candle Lamp

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Twice the fun and half the hassle of a real candle. Plus, you can convince stupid people that you're from the future. Made from high quality plastic, each LED tea light candle is thoroughly and rigorously tested, guaranteed to work out of the box. 15% Off ELK Lighting at! Ends 12/31!

book light

Book Lamp

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Trick your friends into thinking you can read with this lamp. You can open the book light around 360°, it connected by magnet on the cover of book. Folding design, easy to carry. Harry Potter fans love these.

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