Skateboard Lamps

Look more fly than Marty McFly with these lamps that pop right on your board. Includes 6 High Bright LED Lights with premium 3M Velcro For Attachment. 2017's Best Selling Accessory For Longboards Skateboards and Scooters.

tetris lamp

Tetris Lamp

Sick of hiding your nerdiness from your friends? Let the cat out of the bag with this lamp. Awarded Favor of the Year 2013 in the Branded/Character category, stackable Tetris Light can be arranged in countless combinations.

toilet lamp

Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light

Tired of accidently pooping on the floor at night? Well, drop your deuce on the floor no more, with this John Lamp. The motion sensor lights up the bowl as you walk up, so you don't have to fumble with your britches while your playing Bingo in your underwear. Gopher it.

We've got Lamps for days...

song bird lamp

Songbird Lamp

In the future, we do not have pets. We have little birdy lights. Beautiful & Practical: Elegant bird design; Table lamp, night light, mood light, bedlamp, wireless speaker and hands-free phone calls, -- all-in-one

pineapple lamp

Spongebob House Lamp

Who lives in a lamp under the sea? LampBob LampPants! Tropical Pineapple style is an ideal selection for the party ,gives a elegant glow when put it in the living room,baby room or other places,espacially can make you feel a little cool in hot summer.

pacman lamp

Pacman Ghost Lamp

Only the really cool kids will have this bad boy in their home. Firmly embedded in modern pop culture, PacMan is one of the most iconic gaming figures of all time. This PacMan Ghost light features all of your favorite PacMan ghost characters.

photo lamp

Photo Lamps

Sue Ellen will scoff so hard when she sees how you one up'd her Pinterest project. Photo clip string lights total length is 13.8 feet,Semi-conductor chip lights are spaced 4 inch apart,enough placed for most artworks and photos.

Head Lamp

Head Lamp

A lamp that you wear on your head! What?!?! There’s an easily chargeable battery inside the headlamp with charging indicator and a USB. Waterproof and extremely durable.

levoit himalayan salt lamp

Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp

The most premium of salty lamps. Say goodbye to all of your stress and anxiety. Authentic and professionally selected Himalayan rock salt crystals from Khewra, Pakistan. Each lamp is unique, may vary in shape, size and color. Salt Lamp Benefits

night lamp

Super night Lamp

This is either the coolest night lamp we have ever seen, or that missing piece to our flux capacitor. with PIR motion sensor, the light will auto on in the dark when motion is detected. Rotatable Lighting Angle – freely turn the inner ring onward or backward 180 degrees.

Time Magazine - Man of the Year Mirror

Wake up feelin' like a Million Bucks after seeing yourself on the cover of everyone's favorite Magazine. Check it out here on Amazon

cloud lamp

Cloud Lamp

Make your inside feel like outside when you can't go outside anymore, because people are scary. Not too bright, Not too dim. Just the right amount of light to see where you are going in the dark. Allow you to get up at night, get some water, use the restroom and return to bed without turning on any main lights

mushroom mood lamp

Mushroom Mood Lamp

It looks like that white robot from the movie Wall-E. Kinda. LED 256 living full Colors changing lamp with Bluetooth speaker can follow the rhythm and dance with music. Fashionable mushroom shape,makes warm and romantic mood light.

kitty lamp lamp

Kitty Lamps

When your missing exactly 1.7% Japanese from indoor decor. Lovely Kitty Face Lamp: made by BPA - free washable silicone gives a pleasantly soft touch.

moon lamp

Moon Lamp

This is just so damn cool! You can pretend to be God! 3D Printed Technology: Luna lamp is made by innovative 3D printing technology, layer-by-layer stack, restores the real appearance of the moon.

cube lamp

Cube Lamp

So Simple. So sweet. So lamp. Creating atmosphere, bring fun and add character - Perfect cure for a boring place - Multiple decoration for nursery, bedroom, bedside, patio, garden, pool, pond, dinning room, bathroom, bar and party, outdoor and indoor.

shelf lamp

Shelf Lamp

a mad scientist spent years of his life dedicated to mutating a shelf and a lamp into one organism. Comes with a smooth silk shade providing accent and a conversation starter at your home or office.

star wars pizza-cutter lightsaber

Star Wars Light Saber Pizza Cutter

Scream, YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE CHOSEN ONE as you cut your pizza for your friends. Check it out the Star Wars Pizza Cutter on Amazon

sconce lamp

Sconce Lamp

Sconce! What a silly ass word! Wall Mount Light Fixtures with a 240 degree adjustable head, you can maximize the lighting potentials by adjusting the light angle. Perfect for kitchen, dining room, bedroom, cafe, hallway, entryway, restaurants, etc.

linda lamp

Linda Lamp


led touch lamp

LED Touch Lamp

All jokes aside, this one works great. It's just a really good Lamp. Poop is a funny word. Effectively focuses light on what you are concentrating on with its unique height-adjustable lampshade; avoids disturbing your family or roommates with a less scattered light.

led downlight touch lamp

LED Downlight Lamp

Totally dim. What a loser. This is only here so everyone can see how pathetic it is. We don't like it's kind here. JK. Love it! ENERGY STAR certified to be brighter than existing fixtures in your home.

black pipe lamp person

Lamp Man!

Our unoffical mascot. NEENER NEENER NEENER NEENER NEENER NEENER LAMP MAN. Handmade from black pipe. This unique and extraordinary desk lamp is hand-made from iron pipe and cast iron fittings. By installation of this pipe lamp, you create a cozy atmosphere in office, home, coffee shop, restaurant, etc.

i love lamp
garden lamps

Garden Lamps

Are your plants afraid of the dark? Stop feeling bad for those little guys, and light up their life. Solar powered--powered by solar, solar panel converts sunlight and charges the battery during the day, automatically turns the lights on at dusk and off at dawn.

rope led lights lamps

Lamp Rope

This. is. CRAZY. Waterproof and Durable for Outdoor Use -- We use clear tubing to protect the fragile copper wire fairy lights, plus waterproof battery case, this NEW rope firefly lights is a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor decoration.

stair lights

Stair Lights

Conveniently purchase from your hospital bed after falling down your dimly lit stairs.