MIPOW Smart Bulb

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Use this to turn your stupid lamp into a smart one. Same results not guaranteed if inserted into owner. No hubs needed. Wirelessly control a single bulb or bulb group via App, a lot of bulb groups can be created , each group up to 5 bulbs. Together with four special effects, please enjoy color and embrace fun.

The 2017 Lamp

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This is iLuvLamp's official lamp of 2017. Featured on...Page 3. Very reasonable price, and looks very slick on your office desk. Uses A LED Bulb That Will Last For 25 Years. Ability To Charge Smart Phone With USB Charging Port. Turn Light Off Automatically With 1 Hour Auto-Off Timer.

chandelier tree

Light Oval Shaped Chandelier Tree

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This exquisite lamp was saved for last. Look at this beaut. I mean really, it is the pride and joy of this lamp shop. This is what we call a party light. Chrome finished 12 X G9 Bulbs included.

alexa enabled lamp

Waynewon LED Night Light with Light Sensor

This is actually a really cool, futuristic little night. Luv it. Automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. Smart light sensor only activates light in darkness. Leaving out the trouble of turning on/off lights!

Lamp Costume

Halloween Lace Lampshade Topper

Sometimes you want your lamp do dress naughty for Halloween. This. This is a costume for your lamp.

aerelight light lamp

ærelight A1 Glare-Free OLED Desk/Table Lamp

This lamp is top of the line. One of a kind. This is the Rolls-Royce of lamps. Organic LED surface light source produces soft glare-free light which won't strain your eyes Efficient and Super Bright - Provides double the illumination of a typical office working environment.

notti lamp

NOTTI - Smart Mood and Night Light

This lamp is programmable to sync with notifications with your smart phone. Just when you though your phone wasn't annoying enough! Elegant Mood Light that uses high powered, 16 million color LEDs Receive notifications from your iPhone or Android smartphone with a flashing customizable color.

wall light fixture

Wall Light Fixture

A wall light fixture. Others may refer to this as a wall lamp. Others like us. Find many uses around your home or office: bedroom sconces, barn lamp, front porch lights,or for other cases.The classy design gives a awesome vintage look.

Laser lamp

Laser lamp

Perfect for attaching to a shark's freaking head! Or, you know...Christmas. Freely Control & Quick Warm Up - 12 Lighting Modes for your choice, with an up to 65ft range RF control, you're free of getting in and out of the house to operate the light without dead angle.


Thor Hammer Lamp

This is the best lamp I have ever seen. Any good American should have one of these in their children's room. Also perfect for Man Caves, Bedrooms, Office/Study.


Autai Smart Bulb

Have you ever been listening to music, staring at the speakers, and thought, "These aren't bright enough!"? There is sound speaker inside of light bulb, you can play your phone music by this speaker, this is great if you want to relax and unwind after a long day.


Fancy Lamp

When you just absolutely, positively, feel fabulous. Luxury Design---Beautiful and impressive looking chandelier! Crystals are gorgeous and looks like it is a more expensive fixture and ture to the picture.


Sensory LED Bubble Tube Lamp

6 Foot "Tank" With 15 Fake Fish. SENSORY STIMULATION: LED lights change bubble colors and pretend fish bob in the tank, as the pump hums gently. This combination stimulates the senses, great for children with autism, special needs and ADHD.


LED Music Ceiling Lamp with Speaker

Welcome to the future. Adjust 16 Million colors by smartphones or remote control as you like.(3000K warm light-6500K cool white light &12 light Scenes & 9 light Modes) Enjoy all kinds of Atmospheres of color changing with your friends and families.

colorup hue sensing lamp

Colorup - Color Sensing Lamp

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Just point and squeeze with this lamp can capture hues from real objects. It is truely a great invention that has no practical purpose.

Lights all Night

There are many other lamps out there. We have been working tirelessly to find them for you.