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Is there any real benefit of having a pink Himalayan Salt Lamp in my home?

What did they do to that lamp?

Have you been curious as to why it seems everyone is buying a Himalayan salt lamp for their home? It does seem a little strange, having a giant rock of salt sitting on one of your end tables. So why do people do this? Is it trendy? Is it some sort of witch craft? We were curious too, so we took the time to sit down and research why everyone is purchasing these sodium boulders.

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Initially, it seems like there is a lot of skepticism tied to what the actually benefit may be.

Some pretty large claims have been made in terms of what the salt lamp actually accomplishes for you:

  1. Many "live-green" and nature-oriented people believe Himalayan pink salt lamps have negative salt ions that can be released by heating.
  2. They also claim that these ions can boost blood flow, improve sleep, increase levels of serotonin in the brain, and calm allergy or asthma symptoms.
  3. These ions are said to cancel out electromagnetic radiation from household electronics and even prevent the build-up of static electricity.

Do these salty lamps actually accomplish these things, or are they just leaving a salty residue on your tables? Why not just buy a regular lamp?

Like many things, there isn't a simple answer.

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Lisa Barger, of "Today in Alternative Medicine" stated that:

It’s not often that we actually pronounce a product an out-and-out scam but we’re doing exactly that here. As beautiful as they are—and we DO have one—there is just no way Himalayan salt lamps can “clean” your air. source:

At the end of the day, some people claim that they really work, and some don't. I think that they give you super powers, and you should purchase one immediately! Obviously, they don't actually give you super powers, but they really do make your home nice and cozy. They provide a very relaxing kind of lighting that can really only be achieved by this mineral.

The “supposed” negative ions that are released from the Himalayan salt lamp, is actually a real benefit that the device offers. Though the salt lamp doesn’t release quite enough negative ions as you would need to get a real “mood boost”, it does in face release them. Negative ions are good because they pull Positive ions from the air. Positive ions are created from things like pollution and electrical devices. Any “Better Call Saul” Fans? Look out Chuck!

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The Himalyan Salt lamp has a lot to offer for any home that wants they pure, natural feeling. Although our opinion here is somewhat biased, because we love lamp. The real point of this article, is that people will never agree on everything.

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